Home-based work in social housing

The Workhome Project is carrying out a series of community engagement events with residents of Newlon Housing Trust's social housing who are either currently home-working or who are interested in starting up their own business in their home. This AHRC-funded Connected Communities project is a response to the Coalition Government's pledge to lift the ban on social tenants starting businesses in their own homes. Read more...


Design Guide

Workhome Design Guide

The central element of this website is a Design Guide for the old but neglected building type that combines dwelling and workplace – the Workhome. Start exploring the Design Guide here.

Pattern book

Workhome Pattern Book

The Workhome Pattern Book is a collection of generic designs.  This is not architecture, but a series of spatial arrangements we have made to illustrate the principles embedded in the Design Guide. Browse →

Workhome History

Historic Precedents

The Workhome Project is currently the only place where you can browse a concise history of precedents for this ancient building type. Start exploring here →

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