The Workhome Project’s expertise may be useful to both private and public sectors, including government departments, local councils, registered social landlords, architects, developers and house-builders, as well as individual home-based workers.

Our main focus is architectural, for new and existing buildings. However, as well as architects, our team includes sociologists, geographers, policy advisors, financial advisors and planners.

We can advise on how to reconcile the dual functions of dwelling and workplace in a single building in terms of its spatial and social considerations, technical aspects, governance, local business networks, shared facilities etc.

We also undertake social and architectural surveys about home-based work, looking at types of property, types of work, local conditions and cultural factors.
We offer consultancy under the following headings, which we can tailor to the requirements of individual organisations or situations:


  • Full architectural service 
  • Client design advice 
  • Planning guidance 
  • Policy and governance guidance
  • Home-based work in social housing


We also offer CPD covering:

Design for home-based work
Policy and governance affecting home-based work

Three initial CPD programmes are planned for 2011. Please let us know if you are interested in attending any of these events by emailing us at:

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